11 March 2011

Pooch away on holiday

We sent Aschiuta off to a dog hotel today. It was just on the spur of the moment, since we didn't think we'd have the money to go to a big darts competition. However, a couple of good friends offered to help us out, so here we are, about to go away for a couple of days... without Aschiuta.

Aschiuta... home alone

We have never been away from home for an entire day since we got Aschiuta and even a few hours alone would make her sad, anxious and bored. And what does Aschiuta do when she's bored? She chews on things. Lately, her newest obsession has been the headboard, which is made of wood and her teeth almost wouldn't want to part with it. Unfortunately, she also chews on wires sometimes and after she got a small shock from the TV cable, we were hoping she'd learned her lesson about not biting thin long plastic things. Yesterday though, she chewed on other, more dangerous cables connecting Scorp's monster sound system. We don't want to take any chances.
Even with the great new toy, wood is still yummier for Aschiuta. Hence her name.
Doggiesitting mom

I originally asked mom to doggiesit, but she was going out of town for the weekend too. After finally agreeing to take care of the crazy pooch, we had second thoughts. Yes, we can't trust mom with taking care of Aschiuta. She lives with us, but stays far away from her and has never walked her. She even insists on giving the doggie away to my grandpa, which we vehemently refuse.

Five star hotel? Does it have a jacuzzi?

We searched around on the internet and found a few dog hotels that offered nice accommodations, with a small indoor space for each dog that had heating through the floor. Which is in my opinion perfect for a dog (I'll tell you more about this later). They offered to walk her 2 or 3 times a day and I'm pretty sure Aschiuta will be comfortable there. We sent her the blanket on the bed, food, treats, her toys, even "how to" instructions in her medical dossier. She also loves meeting new people and dogs, so if the caretaker will become friends with her, I hope she won't miss us... too much.

Maybe the blankie will make her feel more like home.

Missing silly pooch already

However, waiting to hop in the car and leave, we can't help missing her already. Nobody to greet us at the door. Nobody to jump and run around my legs and sniff everything in sight. We can leave the door open without the blonde hurricane darting out.

Hope she'll be ok there. Take care Aschiuta!


  1. I know how you feel--our Toby doesn't do well at being boarded, so it's hard to leave him. Hope you have a fun trip and Aschiuta has as much fun!

  2. I'm sure we suffer more separation anxiety than our dogs do! Have a lovely trip - and hope Aschiuta gets spoiled ;)

  3. It is scary and hard to leave your dog for the first time. Does the dog border have a way for you to contact them and find out how Aschiuta is doing? That was what was the life saver for us. Hope you have a wonderful trip and Aschiuta has a good time too.

  4. We've never left Georgia at a boarding kennel. We can't go away since Rufus is sickly. No kennel would be able to take care of him the way he needs to be :( I've been tempted to try, just for a weekend or a few days...to get her used to the idea. Usually, when we do go away, it can be for a month or more. I think she would FREAK OUT!

    Have a good holiday Lavi :)

  5. Don't worry she'll be fine. Having just spent two weeks looking after an aging dog in FI can vouch for the fact that they have stacks of fun. Ted (the dog) looked fitter, younger and happier than when we first arrived. He loved having a holiday and was almost reluctant to go back home so don't worry and just enjoy yourselves.
    I'll come and dog sit for you next time...you're not far from the UK lol :)

  6. I wrote France but managed to lose the word when I checked it again...should have put 'an aging dog in France I can vouch....' Gee I've been away too long.

  7. I haven't left the boys since we got them,(over 4 years) but this summer we are planning a vacation and I have no idea what I am going to do!

    Hope you have a great trip and I am sure Aschiuta will have a blast:)


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