18 July 2011

Chatting with pooch

I woke up this morning and something wonderful had happened. I looked into Aschiuta's eyes and she looked in mine. I instantly knew what she was trying to tell me. I could understand pooch language and she could understand me.

For the first time, I knew when she was hungry or thirsty, wanted to play with the ball or was just feeling lazy. She also understood when I tried to tell her about my life and sing to her.

I can't possibly explain this to you. I know many have felt that sort of empathy, but without actually understanding their pet. My conversations with Aschiuta are interesting and very meaningful. Everything is extremely easy now, no more misunderstanding one another. We both get along perfectly.

You might be surprised, but even for a doggie so young, Aschiuta has a lot to say.

She also has a message for everyone, here it is:

"Lavi is one big fat liar!"
Heh. We'll keep trying anyway.

13 July 2011

Chapter 7. Sam

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When evening came, the Boy also came home. He looked a lot like the Man, but the fur on his head was dark. Ferdinand told me that people only had thick fur on their heads (and sometimes their faces) and had to cover themselves with clothes to keep warm. "Hopeless these humans... hopeless. Though they do provide food and shelter." the Cat commented.

At first, the Boy scared me, making loud noises and throwing a big heavy object on the floor right next to me. I cowered in a corner, tail between my legs. The Woman berated him and that made him quiet. This reminded me of Mother, teaching me to play nice. Maybe the Woman was the Boy's Mother too. Ferdinand would know.

Suddenly, the Woman pointed in my direction and the Boy looked my way. My heart started beating furiously, afraid of what he might do to me. He came and tried to pick me up. I managed to scurry away from him, but he was fast and there weren't any good hiding places.

He hoisted me up and looked at me. He let out a roar and I trembled. I noticed Ferdinand watching us with his yellow eyes, but didn't move to save me. The Boy raised his hand above my head. To my surprise though, I wasn't thrown around or hit. He scratched the top of my head gently.

"Sam" he said and repeated the word several times, until I was sure I wouldn't forget it.

Ferdinand seemed content and put his head on his paws. "That will be your name, runt. Sam."

5 July 2011

"Kisses and huggies?"

I really think I'm making progress. I really do. Aschiuta has changed almost completely.

Remember the story about the crazy pooch who, as soon as my fiance went out the door, would jump right at me, barking and biting? Now, she's calm, sometimes sleeps and waits patiently. She often comes and nudges me with her nose, so I'll pet her back.

No more showing me her teeth, no more tugging on my sleeves until they break. We aren't arguing anymore and she lets me pet her without trying to bite.

What happened? She probably just grew out of her shenanigans. She might have simply understood that it's better for everyone if she's a good girl. I'm quite proud of her.

"Kisses and huggies?"

However, like I always do when I notice she's grown up, I wonder where the time had gone off to...