20 April 2011


She's lying at my feet, napping lightly, legs twitching in her sleep from time to time. I'm watching Star Trek again, letting her calm down and then maybe get back to work.

The front door opens, then swings shut with the usual dull bang. The sound instantly makes her lift her head off the blanket. Her ears fold back and her tail swings vigorously up and down. It's taking all her willpower to stop from lunging towards the door and scratching at it. I can see her almost smiling.

The door to our room doesn't open though. The light stays on in the kitchen and we can hear the door to the bathroom closing noisily. So it's not him yet.

I get halfway up and rub her back. She stops wagging her tail and looks back at me. She then turns back towards the door and puts her head back down.

She growls in annoyance, stretches and heaves a sigh. Mother never comes to say hello to her and Scorp will be home late from the darts game.
I guess we'll keep on waiting...


  1. Waiting for your people can be some of the longest waits EVER when you're a pup. I've seen Darby wait by the door until bedtime when the spouse goes out of town. Lucky you've got your mom there to wait with you.

  2. Awwww...that's so sweet and so sad. I know what our dogs are like when they are waiting for their Daddy and sometimes it can be a long night. Always waiting for Daddy. :)

  3. that's sad! i hope scorp is home by now and that asch is all happy again.

    did you say...work?! :)

  4. It used to be like that all the time when he was working, now he's at home most of the time.

    Yes, Georgia, I have a book to translate. Hope I can finish it within the deadline...

  5. She is so beautiful, Lavi how can your Mom not come to give her a pat and a cuddle!

  6. Mom wants to get rid of her! Pat and cuddle? Far from her thoughts.


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