9 September 2011

Chapter 8. A new family

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Over the next few days, I spent a lot of time outside exploring and playing with the Boy when he came home in the evenings. I also talked a lot with Ferdinand, who was kind enough to explain everything to me.

The Boy's name was Thomas and the other two were his Mother and Father. It took me a while to understand what a Father was. Apparently, this person is a lot like a Mother, but stronger, more protective and strict. He was the head of the family and everyone else had to listen to him and respect him.

I pondered about this for a while. Ferdinand had told me that everyone had a Father. I had never known that... I started thinking that I should try and look for my Mother and my Father too. Although, not having met him in my life, I had no idea where to start. I hid in a small corner and whimpered to myself, feeling very alone.

The Mother was at home all the time, working. Sometimes, she made food and it smelled so wonderful, I would follow her around waiting for her to drop a little for me. I ate along with everyone, getting my own portion in a small dish. It was always delicious and Thomas always saved a little extra for me and gave it to me after everyone finished eating.

I played a lot with Thomas, who acted like a big brother to me. He had a wonderful toy, round and bouncy, called a ball. He threw it for me and taught me to bring it back to him so he could throw it again. We played until it was too dark, then went inside and after a while, everyone went to sleep.

I slept in front of the door. My last thoughts before going to sleep were about my Mother and Thomas. Good night!