19 December 2014

Santa and the big-eared elf

Ho-ho-ho? Where did the summer go?

We have been very busy the past couple of months. Yes, Poochie and I, because she contributes as much as she can: shedding lots of hair all over the place, sleeping under my arm and of course, asking to go out during an especially difficult task. Thank you Pooch, you may have a treat.

What have we been busy about? Well, we have been playing Santa and making presents left and right, ever since October or so.

I know, I know, making presents is like baking your own Christmas cozonac (yes, look it up when you're in Romania, it is yummy) and making your own cakes. Who spends time on that anyway, when you can just go to the store and buy one? Crazy people, I tell you.

Well, I have learned to make lace using a needle lately; the technique is called tatting. I will not bother you much with the details, however the results are quite cute (Poochie has been teaching me to be less modest, haha), so I opened - sorry, we opened (Poochie helps, you know) an online boutique. If you are curious, you are invited to visit, it's called Dandelion Lace. Yes, we do ship abroad too, hehe.

The trouble is that there is so much to do and so little time until Christmas, I will still be away for a while, making presents. Poochie, come help me!

"Let me give you a paw with that."