18 February 2014

The change of the seasons

Hasn't it been a long time? It certainly feels like it's been months and I'm sure there have been several months since I have last written a post in either blog.

"Oh, hello, I was just writing in my blog here..."

Winter has come and gone, marking its passage with lots of snow and very cold winds. I'm a bit sad that I don't have any pictures of Aschiuta prancing around in the snow, as she is really cute doing it, like a little kid (goat's kid, that is).

We had managed to go out for the routine walk just as some snow had settled down on the street and it looked like a warm white blanket to the unknowing eye. For who doesn't know, we moved away from the hustle and bustle of the market place and the large busy road to a very quiet neighbourhood, where cars pass maybe three-four times a day. So, you can imagine how soft and untainted the snow appeared, especially at that early hour on a weekend.

Aschiuta loves the snow and to her joy, we did have several weeks of solid snow, so much that we ended up wishing for spring to hurry up. At times, it was so thick and so soft, Aschiuta would simply swim in it or try to, with her bunny hops. The first day of good snow, we chased each other around and I tried to topple her over in the snow, but she really wouldn't let me, so I settled with throwing a few soft snowballs at her. I am sure that, if she had been bigger, she could have pulled me on a sleigh if she wanted to. Snow is always good fun with the poochie.

Now the spring breeze is here to warm up the frozen earth and the snow has almost completely melted away, leaving lots of mud behind. Aschiuta's coat has been put away and we are already making plans for her next haircut, since she is shedding again. That much for snow... But still, we are looking forward to the joys of the next season, lots of grass and flowers for poochie to prance around in.