27 June 2011

Dear pooch

Dear pooch,

We've been together for one year now and you're just over a year older yourself. We've taught you many tricks, including sitting and not sticking your nose in our plates at lunch. You still pull on the leash, but I know you get tired quickly and after that you're a nice girl, walking by me.

You don't respect me much, but I can't really blame you. I do most of the work around here and I also wash your dirty paws for you. I really mind it when you bite when I try to work. I know you have a huge crush on my fiance, but really, we can share, can't we?

If I send you to the balcony to take a little time out, it's for sparing my hands a few bites and maybe teaching you some manners. Don't worry, Scorp is only out to classes, he will be back afterwards. I always let you back in when you get lonely out there, if you behave yourself.

This is what I call Pasha pooch. Always on top of the pillow pile.
Look, you're nicely sleeping now, dreaming your poochie dreams. Such a good girl! Sleep tight!


PS: if you're a really good girl, we will share a pepper later.

18 June 2011


Once upon a time, there was a little doggie who lived in a small room with a balcony at the 5th floor.
Being the very ambitious pooch that she was, she first jumped up on the low table. It was nice, comfy, and she had a(n extra) roof above her head.

It's not a very long way down...