18 June 2011


Once upon a time, there was a little doggie who lived in a small room with a balcony at the 5th floor.
Being the very ambitious pooch that she was, she first jumped up on the low table. It was nice, comfy, and she had a(n extra) roof above her head.

It's not a very long way down...

After that, she noticed everyone sitting on the sofa or on the bed. The floor wasn't very comfortable, so she thought a soft mattress would help her sleep better at night. And so, with a bit of help, she conquered the sofa...

"Cozy and plus, all to myself!"
She slept there for a while, then she thought of the bed. Which looked quite tempting, with soft pillows and covers. The day came. She ran and she jumped.

She's a big cuddler.
Now she regularly sleeps there, unless it's too crowded.

But poochy was restless and she was annoyed. She wanted to see what was outside the windows on the balcony.
That perch over there, that looks interesting!
She jumped on her hind legs, begged and wagged her tail. Now she regularly gets hoisted up there, hugged tightly so she won't fall and looks down at everyone going about.

After that, she gets a bit dizzy... Maybe she's had enough.


  1. Ha! Such a lucky girl to have someone willing to give her a leg up!

  2. What a sweet story :) I cannot get over how similar her face is to Heathcliff's...they could be from the same litter except he's 6.5 years old and lives all the way down at the far end of the globe ;) Also, she's a lot taller...he has much shorter legs! And, only one of his ears stands up.

  3. Scorpio first noticed that pooch was trying to look out the windows, so he helped her up so she could actually see something other than the sky.

    We're also surprised at what a long and thin dog she is. But she's all legs :D

    Maybe Heathcliff hurt his ear at some point. Stray dogs here get "earrings" for identification. For dogs with pointy ears, the pierced ear inevitably droops....

  4. Hehehehe... She sounds almost exactly like Gundu Mani, my cat, except that GM is more than capable of reaching all the most hard to reach spots quite by himself. GM started off with little stools, then climbed his way onto the bed, then jumped onto the dining table for a snack, and now that it's getting colder, finds that the top of the refrigerator makes for a very warm and cozy bed! :P :D :D

  5. She's such a cutie. Especially liked the one of her under the table :-)

  6. Awww, such a cute doggie!! I know why she chose the bed... I LOVE beds!

    Woofs & hugs,


  7. thank goodness asch! i thought this was going to be a bad ending with you learning how to fly from the 5th floor balcony! *phew*

  8. There's nothing better than a nice, comfy perch. No matter where it is! Having a "leg up" to see the view from the balcony was a lot of help, especially for a curious one.


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