20 March 2011

Bobita, our doggie neighbour

You might remember one of my first posts, On the streets. I talked about one of our friendliest stray dog neighbour, the dog from the other block. It's been a while and we've had time to get better acquainted with him.

Aschiuta and Bobita. The photo is a bit fuzzy.
A very smart doggie

He lives in front of the entrance to the block of flats next to ours. The people like him and take care of him. He has a nice little dog house and they also give him food and water. They even gave him a name, Bobita (the Romanian equivalent of Bobby), which seems to fit him quite nicely. I used to call him Don Juan, because of his advances to Aschiuta, but he has been a good boy lately.

Bobita in front of his home.
He has the best strategical position among the other strays: next door to the pet shop. A lot of people who buy dog food leave him some in the corner. I've even seen cat food around there, although there are almost no stray cats around.

Making friends

When we first met him, he was very curious about Aschiuta and tried to mate with her, but of course we didn't let him. For a while, he kept his distance, pretending he wasn't interested in her anymore. A few days ago, when we were out for a walk, he actually came after us all the way to the back of the parking lot. That was a very brave move, despite my "shoo"s and "go home"s. The whole pack in that area chased him away barking.

Even when we aren't with Aschiuta, he comes to greet us when we pass by. He's always sweet and lets us pet him on the head. He once came with me inside the pet shop, but the shopkeeper knew him and didn't make him leave. He was very well-mannered, sitting down and waiting for me to buy what I needed. He then followed me outside and I left some food for him in his usual spot.

The clearest photo Scorp could take for me. That is Aschiuta in the corner too.
Like brother and sister

Just imagine a black version of Aschiuta, with a big white patch on his chest and only the stub of the tail remaining. We always say they are like brother and sister, because they look alike (pointy ears and all), they act very much alike and get along really well. Aschiuta loves meeting him and always wants to play. Bobita will jump around her too, catching a sniff or two. I think they might even be around the same age.

This is a video Scorp took while on a walk with Aschiuta. Bobita and she are great friends and always play together.

That's the story of Bobita, our friendliest neighbourhood stray. I hope you'll get to hear more about him.


  1. Sounds like your Bobita neighbor is a cutie. Can't wait to see some photos! And how lucky to be next to a pet shop?!Sounds like Aschiuta will have a nice new friend!

  2. Sounds like a sweet dog. And if he looks so much like Aschiuta than I bet he is a handsome boy too. Sounds like people care enough about him to take care of him. And what better place than a pet shop! I glad he's doing well. Too bad he can't find a wonderful home like your baby has.

  3. He sounds quite well taken care of in that spot. Clever boy! Ahem Has Aschiuta been spayed yet? :)

  4. Thanks, I'll try to get some photos up soon, but he sometimes goes roaming and I can't find him.

    And no, Aschiuta isn't spayed yet... I've heard about some vets who will do it for free, but I think in April. We always take care that the boys don't get too friendly.

  5. What a sweet story. Bobita sounds like a smart dog and I can't wait to see your photos of him. I'm completely soft when it comes to dogs. i always pet them when they are sitting outside shops waiting for their owners to collect them or out walking.
    I'm also waiting for the day when you put up the post about your dogs' first teeth :)


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