15 March 2011

Aschiuta's first boarding experience

We're back! And so is Aschiuta, of course. A couple of weeks ago I told you in the post Pooch away on holiday that we sent Aschiuta off to a boarding place for dogs. Thanks to everyone for your comments, we had fun, but so did pooch.
"What, home already? But I was having so much fun..."

Spoiled little doggie

You see, the place was nice and comfy and she had a huge space to run in. And she sure loves running. She also had a nice indoor space, the blankie and the food we brought for her. They even offered transportation and we were relieved that we didn't have to take her in a taxi again. She gets car sick and it's very troublesome taking her for a ride. We even prefer to walk most of the way.
The person who runs the place is actually a vet and was really nice to Asciuta. He walked her and played with her and I'm sure she was very spoiled. She didn't even miss us, just wanted to get more attention from her temporary caretaker.

And the happy owners (happy not to wonder what she chewed on)

Scorp called every day to check on her and we were happy she was having fun. Her first boarding experience was great and I only wish we could one day offer her even a small garden to play in.

I would recommend this place for other people who want to send their dogs boarding (although only available  in Bucharest, Romania), the site is Pensiune Canina Bucuresti - Aldo.


  1. Wow, sounds like a great place! Where we get boarded, we have to sit in a cage. :( Mama hates that, but it is the place GRAMMA chooses for us to go to!

  2. So glad things went well for everyone. It really makes a difference when you know your pets are well cared for when you leave them. Sounds like Aschiuta had a great time and was loving the attention. Hope you both had a good trip away and enjoyed yourselves.

  3. We sure did but I don't think I'd be able to stay away from Aschiuta for more than 2 days. Only 3 hours after giving her away I was already missing her.
    Thanks for the comments guys and girls.

  4. Yea! Glad to hear it all worked out. Some dogs do really well being boarded. Glad to hear Aschiuta is one of them :)

  5. So glad to hear that she did well with her first boarding experience! It's great that you found a place that you're comfortable with. I'm sure she enjoyed her vaca too. :)

  6. I'm glad to hear that boarding went well!


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