24 March 2011


She comes and pushes the edge of the blanket with her nose. It's like she is saying "let me in, it's cold". I lift the blanket and she sneaks underneath, rolling into a warm doggie pretzel.

She presses tightly against my belly, so close that sometimes I feel I can't breathe properly. She then swallows a few times and sighs. Shifts a little until she feels that she is in the perfect position for napping. Another sigh.

I don't know if Aschiuta comes to cuddle under the blanket with us because she is really cold or if she just enjoys the closeness. She is nevertheless welcome any time. Especially during the colder weather, we keep one another warm like that. A little sandwich. Call it a "hot dog" if you're feeling humorous.
Pretzel doggie, waiting for someone to cuddle with.
I take a small paw in my hand and dive my head under the covers to give her a small kiss on the head. She smells a bit like raspberries. She smells a lot like doggie. Her ears flutter in her sleep, tickled by the covers. She doesn't seem to mind burying her nose in there, without much air. I still leave the blanket raised a little.

I then fall asleep, hugging a pretzel doggie. Gnite. Sweet dreams.


  1. Aww, that's such a sweet story. I love that she smells a litte like raspberry mixed with doggie.

  2. So sweet. There's nothing better than cuddling with warm doggie love. I bet she is so grateful to be off the streets and snuggling with you in bed. :)

  3. Aw 'pretzel dog' how lovely. I've just laughed at the comment you left Jeff about the fart app...brilliant Lavi...looks like you have a humorous streak in you too :)

  4. I love your story Lavi! It makes me all snuffly myself. My fave lines - "She smells a bit like raspberries. She smells a lot like doggie." Awwww :p

    Georgia likes burying her nose in blankets too. I often pop up a little hole for her as well. How DO they breathe?!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. It's always nice to cuddle with our furry friends, and you've described the feeling beautifully! We hopped by to say hello and signed on as your newest followers. Hope you can do the same over at Critter Alley!


  6. Awww...love that. Too sweet!
    We are stopping by from the hop to say hello! Have a PAWsome weekend!

    Doreen, Kiko, Riley and Millie
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