30 March 2011

Chapter 6. Be a good dog

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The first day in the tall creatures' home was full of rustle and new events. I sniffed around and eventually found a nice spot to sleep, where the floor was a little softer. The Woman gave me some food. It smelled very good and I ate it quickly. I had never eaten anything so delicious and I kept following her for a while, hoping she would give me more.

I talked to the Cat again, who knew everything about the place I was in. He told me I was in a house, that the creatures were humans, or people, and that the one who had brought me there was the Man and the other one the Woman. They also had a Boy, who was always away and only came home at night.

The Cat's name was Ferdinand and he wasn't very friendly. He did talk to me though, because he said I needed to learn how to behave. "I will take you under my wing, if you will." He made a strange rolling noise in the back of his throat. "Remember not to get in trouble, you will make me look bad too." So I did my best to behave.
He also told me I might stay there for a long time and that I might not be able to see Mother any time soon. The thought made me incredibly sad, but I willed myself not to whimper and stay strong.


  1. I had to back and read from Chapter 1 of course! I love your little tale. You have a nice way of looking at humans and things from a doggie's perspective. My heart just went boohoo when Asch was taken away from mother. Thank goodness it was just you sour humans haha! :)

  2. Like Georgia, I went back to Chapter 1 and read forward. Nice work, Lavi. It's very readable and well done. I was able to travel along with this little puppy and feel her confusion and wonder about being taken from her Mother and going to live in a house with a C-A-T.

  3. Thank you for reading all of it and for the nice comments! I haven't written a chapter in a very long time, I was hoping it would still be interesting.

    Although the story is about a female dog, it's completely fictional and has nothing to do with Aschiuta. Except for maybe that she is my inspiration.

  4. Your book is wonderful and we are enjoying it very much!

  5. It's a lovely, lively story! I'm really enjoying it.. :) :) Looking forward to more.. :D

  6. I like the way you've captured the cat's personality too - slightly aloof!


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