6 March 2011

Bath time for doggie

Drowning buggers

When we first got Aschiuta off the streets, she was full of fleas and ticks. We had to give her a bath, but the poor pup was crying because of all the skin problems she had. She was clawing at us, desperately trying to get away from the water basin. Good thing I had Scorp and our flatmate to help me out.

The parasites didn't all die in the baths, but I'd say we decimated a good deal of them. Of course, the vet gave her the drops that killed the rest of the bugs. We were also warned that those bugs were quite dangerous and could carry disease. It's a good thing that almost none of the parasites jumped on us. I was carrying Aschiuta in my arms for hours to the vet and back and none wanted to climb on me. I guess they were used to doggie blood.

Skin care

Another problem we had was a bad allergy Aschiuta got from food (although we didn't know the cause of that at the time). The vet advised us to give her a bath using sulfur soap and rinse her using apple vinegar. Some of you might remember my older post, The Vet, where I talk about this problem and others Aschiuta had.

Wiping away muddy paw prints

Today, we still use the sulfur soap. We also have hot water all the time, so we wash her with lukewarm water, not too hot and not too cold. She also has her very own towel. In fact, I am the one who washes her, Scorp does so only from time to time.

Aschiuta is very calm when she's in the bath tub. She usually sits still, folds her ears back and looks very docile. I usually only wash her paws after going out and she has learned to raise each paw as I put the shower on it. I soap her paws well and then rinse the soap thoroughly. After that, it's towel drying and she will sit inside the room for a while. Drying is quite uncomfortable for her, but the blow drier is worse. She would lick the water off her paws and sit in bed for a while.

After that, she's her usual happy self.

Hopping away happily (the towel is just a tug toy).

I'm quite proud of how nice she is during bath time. It helps, since we usually walk in the mud and I have to wash her after each outing. Stay clean everyone!


  1. We take Darby to the dog wash. Now he's got the whole routine down and we're all happy to go and play scrub-a-pup!

  2. OMD! A b-a-t-h?!? *growls low*

    I must agree with Aschiuta that the towel IS a tug toy. It is the only fun I have during the b-a-t-h times!
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  3. How wonderful that Aschiuta is so compliant about a bath and having her feet washed. I can not begin to imagine doing that with my six dogs. I'm afraid I'd be standing by the door for the rest of my life with a bucket!! BOL

  4. I have only just found this blog, Lavi! How dumb is that?! Your pup looks beautiful and she reminds me a little of our Heathcliff.I'm so glad you found her and were able to offer her such a loving, caring home!!!

  5. you really are so funny lavi! another great post! i'm glad aschiuta is calm in the bath now. georgia is much better too. she used to scream a lot. but she LOVES the hair dryer, probably because it's warm. maybe you can try it on a very low setting first so it's not so loud. and massage her fur while you're blowing her dry. that should get her used to it!

    "drowing buggers" hehe. YOU stay clean too :) xox

  6. We don't really like baths at all. We will do anything to avoid a bath. But afterwards, we love to run around like maniacs! Trixie likes to run through Mama's legs and let Mama try to throw the towel on top of her!

  7. Hi there! Enjoy reading your blog and am passing along the Styler Blogger award. Come by and pick it up! Congrats!

  8. Hi Lavi,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment! I am glad to know your blog!

    Flora loves to take a bath! When I said to her, "bath" did you believe me that she runs very happy to the bathroom? Lol!

  9. I LOVE the photo of Aschuita's butt in the last photo! Gus is the same way when he's done with his bath. "I'm outta here!!"


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