10 January 2011

Of booboos and stings

Let's take a moment to go a few months back with our story. Don't worry, we're not going too far back.

Aschiuta was my first dog and even if Scorp had had a dog before, we still had a lot to learn about taking care of our new puppy. And one of the biggest problem was that she constantly seemed to have a few health issues.

Dog vaccination

You all know it's important to vaccinate your dog against common diseases they could catch from going outside and playing with other dogs. This is also why Aschiuta wasn't allowed to walk around freely outside before getting her shots done. And since I've already talked about our neignbourhood strays, you know we had to be careful.

So, because we couldn't vaccinate a dog with health issues, we had to figure out how to make her better.

The booboo problems

Remember my older post about going to the vet? How Aschiuta had a huge rash that made her itchy and caused her hair to fall? It was all a simple food allergy, but we had been afraid of things like rabies or a fungus. Little skin problems kept coming up here and there even after that...

First of all, Aschiuta got a mysterious inflammation on the right side of her belly. We went to the vet alarmed. Could it be a liver problem? Did all the wood she loved chewing on so much manage to hurt her intestines?
Notice the inflammation on her right side.
The vet gave her an anti-inflammation shot and we just waited. After a few days, it finally started to fade and then it just disappeared completely.

After she was finally ok, with all the shots done, we thought we wouldn't have to visit the vet as much. Well, other things happened that made us go again...
One of them was another such booboo, but under her right eye. The vet said it might be just a booboo from hitting her head against something. She had very bad brakes back then and she still slips around on our floors. She got her shot done again and we waited.
It did go away after some time, but sometimes it still looks like she has a little bag under her eye. We heard that an aneurysm would have popped eventually, but this one never did. I've read that some dogs just have these and it's no real problem for them. We'll see...

Beware of stingers

One sunny day, Aschiuta was out on the balcony, seemingly sniffing around, chasing the flies. The next thing we knew, she was back inside, looking gloomy and salivating. Within several minutes, we could see the front of her muzzle getting bigger and bigger. We decided to rush her to the vet.

Of course, since we don't have a car, the fastest and safest way is on foot. Aschiuta was actually allowed to walk on her own four paws, but she just stopped and was whimpering at every sudden movement or when we accidentally touched her mouth. We had to carry her, just like old times. Only now she was bigger and heavier.

Again, we didn't know what to think of it. Had she eaten some detergent from the bathroom? Was it a bug bite? At the vet's, Aschiuta had her shot and we were instructed to come back in a few hours if the inflammation wouldn't go down.

Fortunately, it did and we were relieved. Scorp even found the culprit, a dead fly on the balcony floor. Let's hope Aschiuta has learned her lesson about playing with bugs.

Also, coming up in another post, I'll be talking about Aschiuta's hurt paw. A very bloody story.
Take care and remember to go to the doctor or vet when you feel you have a problem.

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