24 January 2011

Chapter 4. Beyond the horizon

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I can't really describe all I saw and felt while being carried by that creature. The world was so high, I sometimes got dizzy looking down.

We walked a while through the field I had lived in with Mother, covered in tall grass and with a bush and tree here and there. We left the river behind and got to a river of dirt and dust where there was no grass. The big monster carried me further on that dry river, walking in a funny way with those long legs, bouncing up and down with each step.

It wasn't hurting me, so I had soon stopped wriggling and biting. I sniffed the strange animal's fur and the smell was strong and sour, I didn't like it much. It had oddly coloured fur too: the chest, back and front legs, except for the paws, were the colour of the sky and the hind legs had the colour of dirt. Its hind paws were bigger than the front ones and also the colour of dry grass. Not to mention that it had dry grass on its head, made into a flat leaf of sorts. All in all, it was nothing I had ever seen before.

Of course, I'd seen little animals in the sky. Mother told me they were birds and that they could fly. The creature's front paws looked a lot like birds' wings. I was slightly worried that it would fly away with me. Then I would really have a hard time getting back to Mother. I couldn't fly, of course. Another thing that made me believe this animal could be a bird was the sound it made, like a long chirp.

After a while of walking like that, I started to see a group of little rocks of various colours in the distance. As we got closer, they got bigger and bigger, until they became a lot bigger than the creature, some were bigger than trees and wide as well.
Suddenly, the creature turns to one of those big things, pulls a piece of it to the side and goes inside. I thought I had been through the scariest and strangest day of my life, but what I saw in there topped it all.


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