6 January 2011

"Is Aschiuta sleeping?"

Things one can do while Aschiuta is sleeping:
  • cuddling and napping with her
  • getting some work done
  • listening to music on headphones
  • watching an episode of the current favourite series
  • looking at doggie to check up on her
  • thinking "awww, she's so cute sleeping like that" and taking a picture
  • watching a scary ghost show and getting brave thinking that, if a nasty ghost shows up, you'd be there to protect doggie
  • getting some work done
  • writing random blog entries about doggie
  • watching porn
  • updating facebook status with random links to blog posts
  • trying to grab a snack, hoping she wouldn't wake up and come begging
  • slipping out for shopping or going out with Scorp
  • cleaning or washing clothes, hoping doggie wouldn't wake up
  • singing along to the Offspring, but not too loudly
  • wondering what she's dreaming about
  • thinking "she's so good when she's asleep"
Things one can do while Aschiuta is awake:
  • all of the above, but, at the same time, shouting at her "stop chewing on that!"
She's so good when she's asleep...

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