29 January 2011

Danger in the grass

Remember my old posts, The doggie hits the road and Of booboos and stings? I said I would tell you more about Aschiuta's first trip to Brasov, especially our little medical problem.

Wrong way

Since Brasov is in a valley surrounded by mountains, we took Aschiuta and walked along the old city walls, at the foot of a smaller mountain, covered in grassy slopes and shady trees.
Tag! You're it!
We stopped at a bench and Scorp suggested we let Aschiuta run around without the leash, since she is very fast and loves to run in the grass. She took off like a bullet, prancing in zig-zag, like a rabbit. We ran with her and it was great exercise for everyone. Until we heard noise of broken glass. There was a pile of shards hidden in the grass. Aschiuta dashed away without care and went over the shards a second time before we were able to catch her.

Look mom, no pain!

Since Aschiuta didn't seem hurt, nor did she limp, we decided to go back. On the road we discovered that her hind paws were red and, after we looked closer, we realised she was bleeding from glass cuts. She hadn't even whimpered once. We took her in a taxi and rushed home.

At home, there were three of us washing Aschiuta's cuts, trying to stop the bleeding and worrying about the dumb pooch. We called the vet, but they said it's ok for a doggie's pad to bleed a lot, since there are a lot of blood vessels in there. One of her toe pads was split and bled for a few minutes. We bandaged her paw as well as we could and tried to get Aschiuta to calm down and go to sleep.

Aschiuta calm down? It's like telling a tornado to calm down. She kept trying to take the bandage off to lick her wounds and a couple of times the wound reopened and we had to bandage it all over again.

The next day, we went to the vet, who also bandaged the paw, but with such a sturdy adhesive plaster, that some parts of it were still stuck to her fur a couple of weeks after that.

Little Paw - Brave Pooch

Aschiuta eventually got all better, but she had to wear her little "sock" all the time and it was a bit uncomfortable for her. But she was a very brave little dog, although maybe if she had felt any pain at first, she would have stopped running. Although, would that have stopped her from enjoying a green sunny field of grass?

Did I step in something?


  1. Aschiuta sounds like Sage! Not much stops either one of them. Running is pure doggy joy!! Glad she is better.

  2. I would have had a heart attack if one of my dogs ran through grass. You all handeled it really well. I love your blog. Thanks also for following "The World According To Lexi"...have a great weekend! Lexi and Christina (dakotagirl)

  3. Sounds like quite an adventure! Funny how dogs can be bleeding and not think anything of it. She was such a brave dog. Glad she's all better.

  4. Oh wow... how scary! Glad that it all turned out okay in the end.


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