23 December 2010

Our new neighbour

There is a new neighbour in the block of flats. He's quiet and doesn't disturb anyone. Even if he's very shy, he easily warms up to nice people and he has a sweet personality. He's not a person though.

Doorstep dogs

I've told you before in the post On the streets that there are a lot of stray dogs where I live but that some people take care of some of them. They are allowed to sit in the entrance of buildings and you might even see a little rug or piece of cardboard put there for them. The pet store is close and you often see dog food in a corner, left by a nice person.

The old black dog

A few weeks ago, we've seen a big black dog sitting outside of the building we live in. It was night and a bit cold, so Scorp opened the door for him to get inside. We've seen that dog a couple of times there again, brought him some food on occasion. He didn't seem too attached to the place though and he came and went.

He's been inside a bit more often when it got very cold, sitting under the letter boxes. Once there were some fries in front of him from someone, but I don't think he ever ate them. He gulped down the kibble I brought him though.

The injury

Some people are simply stupid or mean or both... I'm sad to say that we suspect someone hurt the poor dog when he was inside one time. He has been limping ever since, unable to put his hind paw down. He never barked at anyone, let alone try to bite people. He was like a little old beggar, rolled into a ball, trying to get shelter and warmth and looking at people with sad eyes, hoping to get some food.

I don't know who or how carried him up the stairs to the first floor, but we found him there and he's been there almost every night. I think that when he isn't around, someone living on that floor might have taken him inside.

I was walking up the stairs with Aschiuta one evening after going for a walk. The power was out, so we couldn't take the elevator and it was pitch black. We ran into the old dog and Aschiuta and him started sniffing and wagging tails, because they knew each other. I was trying to walk further in the dark with one crazy dog on a leash and another limping one following us, stumbling and talking to them. A door opened, but nobody came out and they closed it back when I started climbing up to the second floor. Maybe they were worried about the dog... I hope they were taking care of him.

Scorp and I went and left him food a bit more often, but he was hurt and very skinny. We were very sad we couldn't take him in, but my mother can hardly accept Aschiuta, let alone another dog...

I do believe people are also taking care of him, because the floor is clean and they are letting him sleep in front of their doors. And I'm almost sure he can't climb up or down with that leg... So I hope they take him inside sometimes.

It's really sad to see such a lovely dog in that situation, but I'm happy someone is taking care of him and maybe his story will turn into a happier one.

Happy holidays everyone... Don't forget about the less happy among us.


  1. I hope your new friend leads a charmed life from now on. Thanks for sharing the story.
    Love Noodles

  2. This was lovely thanks for sharing this


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