25 December 2010

Happy Holidays

It's winter and a little chilly. The only snow has fallen and already melted, but we still had some fun in it.

And yes, it's Christmas! Mother and I cleaned the house, we have two fir branches that smell nicely, but are beginning to shed their needles. I went shopping for food, drinks and presents yesterday and today we can enjoy the day off.

Christmas decorations

We bought a little artificial tree a couple of years ago, decorated it nicely with lights, bulbs and wreaths and a little star on top. And we never undecorated it, so this year I took it, dusted it and set it up nicely.

Our little Christmas tree. Donkey sneaked under there too.

Donkey is Scorp's present. It's wearing the "noble steed" armour and helm.

We also have a long cable with red lights that I put around the door frame and on the bookcases. It's hard to walk in when it's plugged in, but it makes a nice light.

Aschiuta's first Christmas

Aschiuta has been especially good today, most likely because Scorp and I were both home and played with her. She even got to greet mom, who was squeamish as usual and didn't let her touch her.

Such a good girl... Maybe Santa has something for her too?

I don't think Aschiuta feels like it's a very important day, and she's sleeping a lot, but I'm thinking of giving her a nice bone to chew on. She loves them.

That was our little Christmas at home, no relatives, because they live far away...

I wish you all a merry Christmas!

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