19 December 2010

Dreaming Doggie Dreams

I dream about a lot of strange things. Scorp is always amused when I tell him about my dreams the following day.

You might have heard that we dream every night, even if we don't remember what we dream about or even that we dreamt anything at all. Even more intriguing, they say that we can't go without sleeping for more than a few days. But that is actually because we can't go without dreaming for so long.

But if you think we are the only intelligent enough creatures to have dreams, you're wrong. Animals have been proven to dream, just like we do. You should read this article on the MIT News site for more information.

Aschiuta's dreams

I recently wrote a post about where and how Aschiuta likes to sleep, Beddie-bye with Aschiuta. Now I will tell you about her dreams.

She might dream more often than we know of, but when she moves or whimpers in her sleep, it's quite obvious that she is dreaming.


Aschiuta came from the streets, so who knows what scary things she might have seen then. Maybe she remembered having been left alone in the room when we had to go somewhere. Or who knows, maybe her doggie imagination made up nightmares for her.

Little whimpers from a dreaming doggie
 We usually wake her up when she's having a bad dream and she looks scared and confused at us for a few minutes. Then, when she sees it was all a dream, she goes back to sleep.


Aschiuta loves to run and jump. It's her favourite fun thing to do, wherever she is. So it's only normal she would love a good run while she's dreaming too. It's really funny to see the little paws moving fast, even if she wasn't really going anywhere like that. But somewhere in her mind, she was...


Yes, she dreams of suckling and it's very obvious from the way her lips and tongue move in her sleep. She even makes a little sound. This makes me believe her mommy stayed with her at least for a while and took care of her. I hope these are sweet dreams for Aschiuta.

If you know any other animal dream stories, you are welcome to share yours in a comment. Sweet dreams everyone!


  1. Hi! We are following you back. We love your pawprints in the snow and your blog.

    Our first dog, Silver dreams all the time, quite loudly, ever since she was a little puppy. It would sound like she was sobbing and I would jump out of bed to soothe her.

    There are other times when she runs, wags her tail and gives out these happy barks. I think that is when she dreams about her best friend Alex who died 3 years ago.

    Sounds like Ashiuta also has active dream patterns. Sounds like she had a tough life and now has a warm loving home.

  2. I love when my dogs are dreaming out loud. Although, sometimes Astrea makes these dream barking noises that in my sleep sound a little bit too much like someone trying to break into my house. I have to be careful with waking her up when she dreams however, one time I woke her up from a bad dream and she tried to bite me! it took her a minute to realize what was going on.

  3. I tend to think I'm chasing squirrels in my dreams and try to bark & run. It doessn't happen too often though.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. Thanks everyone for all their feedback! It's nice to know that other owners have noticed their dog's little dreams and the movements they make.

    Hope everyone of you has sweet dreams this holiday season!

    Also, thank you guys for following me!


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