19 December 2010

Aschiuta's first snow

Aschiuta is less than a year old and since she was born in spring, she's never seen snow before. Well, this week we had the first snowfall this winter and the snow piled up nicely on the streets and sidewalks.

Naturally, I had to take her out for a feel of her first snow. And I must say she loved it. Well, she loves every walk we take, but she really enjoyed herself running around and sniffing in the snow. My boots aren't rigged, so I was afraid to let her run too much, otherwise I might have fallen on my back. Although I'm sure it might be fun to let her pull me around like a sleigh.

Unfortunately, she managed to chew up part of her little red shirt, so she trembled a little, but all the running kept her warm. I will repair the shirt and might end up taking some pictures to show off her new "outfit".

Some tips about winter care for dogs

It's winter, Christmas is coming and if you've got some snow too, it might just be a great holiday season for your family. If you have a dog, it will probably enjoy the snow too. But you should know a little about how to keep your pet safe.

You can find a lot of useful information about this on the American Kennel Club.

You might sometimes see a cute fluffy dog with a coat, a grannie walking her dogs dressed in homemade knitted sweaters. There are thousands of offers on the internet for dog clothes and coats. It's true that a lot of short-haired breeds need an extra layer to keep warm and if you see your dog is shivering, you should consider dressing them up. You can even try and make something to wear for your dog if you have the necessary skills.

Also, be careful of dangers hidden in the snow. It's true that the white fluffy snow will cover up all the ugly mud and junk, but that doesn't mean it's not still there. Be careful where you walk with your dog and if you see any red pawprints, it's time to check the paws for cuts. Something like this happened when we took Aschiuta to a sunny grassy slope in Brasov. There were some hidden glass shards in the grass and she ran over them a couple of times. After that, she didn't show any sign of pain or discomfort, even if she had a big cut and a few scratches on her paws.

Antifreeze is not good for your dog. To be on the safe side, always wash your dog's paws (and any spots you see dirty) after each walk. Like I said before, I use a very simple sulfur soap that the vet recommended for a skin problem and I've been using it ever since. Also, dry well with a towel and blow dry too, if needed. Aschiuta gets nervous when I turn the drier on, so I reserve that for full body baths.

Other than that, be careful and don't overfeed your dog. Dog obesity is a real problem and you should check with your vet to adjust your dog's diet. Also, be careful what treats and scraps you give to your dog. But more about feeding your dog in another post.

Enjoy the holiday season and may everyone get a nice present from Santa!

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