About the doggie

Name: Aschiuta ( = Little Splinter)
Gender: female
Birth: approx. 14th May 2010
Breed: mixed-breed
Build: small and slender, with delicate bones
Fur: rather short, sandy-brown with twirly butt
Eyes: dark brown
Face: triangular face with medium size muzzle
Ears: large and pointy
Personality: friendly and energetic, loves to play

You can read more about her in the post Such a cute dog! What breed is it? and maybe also get some insight on her breeds.

More fun facts:
  • Her ears usually stay up, but when she is really happy to see you or wants to be petted, they will fold back on the head.
  • She is normally well-behaved, but when she gets excited or angry, the fur on her back all the way to her tail will stand up like a mohawk.
  • She makes a high-pitched noise when she yawns.
  • If someone is sleeping, she will often calm down and go nap with them.