23 June 2013

Don't forget to tip the barber!

It's summer, it's hot and we all wish we could just sit in the shade in light clothes and sip a beer. I often look at pooch and think she would like to do the same. Of course, except the beer part, let's not be silly!

Aschiuta has changed into her summer clothes and is now feeling breezy and cool. We took her for a shave yesterday and she even lost about 1kg in fur. Hmm, here is a good idea for losing weight: having a haircut.
You can see poochie in a whole new light now.

Like last year, we went for a full shave, leaving the head, the bottom of the legs and the tip of the tail untouched. The roots of her hairs are lighter than the tips, so she looks a lot fairer now.

One interesting fact about Aschiuta is that she seems to have an excess of skin that is also very elastic. We pull on it and it apparently peels off her and when we let go, it just snaps back into place. It doesn't hurt her at all either. I wonder if it happens to most other dogs as well.

I'm glad her coat is shorter so she will be able to bear the heat better now. Some might say she looked better before, others that she looks younger now. Nevertheless, she is our cute little rat.

Rat? Who are you calling a rat?


  1. Hi Lavi! Good to see you back. We have missed you and have often wondered how you and Aschiuta have been doing. Good luck with your new home. Hope to see you around more. :)

  2. Your dog looks so cute with a haircut!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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