26 February 2011

Snapping shots of the Sleeping Beauty

Today I saw a post at House of Carnivores, Argos in Repose, where you can find two nice pictures of the Greyhound Argos sleeping and a hint that there is a little sleeping doggie contest and giveaway at CowSpotDog.

I will admit, I have my camera on the table, waiting patiently for Aschiuta to fall asleep in one of her funny positions so I can snap a picture. Unfortunately for me, my camera flashes a red light while focusing the image, so the chances are my Sleeping Beauty would wake up and I'd miss the moment.

These are some of the few lucky shots that I got, showing a napping doggie. Enjoy!

Her favourite position is usually "bottoms up".

Snore snore on one side.

Snore snore in black and white too.

Scorp got this one of Aschiuta and I napping together.

The missed picture... She just opened her eyes a second before the photo was taken.

What a nice way of sleeping in. Have a great weekend!


  1. They do enjoy their sleeping time, don't they? :) Great pictures, even if she did open her eyes in one!

  2. Cute! Those big ears! So precious!

  3. That is exactly what I'd like to do today. Zzzzzz...zzz....

    Have a restful Sunday :)

  4. Love the first one, stretched out but looking so comfy! A pretty little girl always needs her beauty sleep.

  5. Awwwwww...bottoms up, I love that. :) There's nothing sweeter than snoozing dogger photos!

  6. I love the last one. Eyes open or not, she looks sooo comfortable. Marge sleeps in some funny positions, too.

  7. Sleeping dogs are the cutest! I love the one of you two napping together, nothing like a warm snuggly dog.

  8. Now I want to go take a nap. :)


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