2 November 2010

The first little post

Here I am, at the first post of my very own blog. It's as if I am standing in a new doorway, cautiously peering outside, sniffing the new air and gathering my courage to "think possibilities".

Maybe I should introduce myself. I am a curious little creature, still young enough to get "school starting" nervousness every autumn, but trying to take a leap into the real world all the same.

Notice the dumb dorky look.

All in all, I've recently finished University and I'm trying hard to get a job, while most jobs are trying hard to run away from me. If only humour and dreams paid better...

I'm usually a spectator in the big theatre of life; it's better to stand aside and watch (and maybe poke some fun too), rather than be the main character making a fool of themselves in public. Talk about stage fright.

I like to read and write and often one triggers the other. I specialise in poetry with a lot of imagery but poor metrics. Music is also a great delight, if it's good; if you stop by, you might hear me singing in the kitchen.

Which brings me to the household activities... Notice the title of the blog - isn't it intriguing? The potato chips are a frequent visitor of the table at any meal and with any "side dish", steak, spitz, sausages... You would argue that I'm not much of a cook. I would reply that money and a meat'n'patooties loving fiance won't really let me expand my cooking horizons.

And then, there's the "pawprints" issue... We have a little dog named Aschiuta who has a few major activities: eating, sleeping, doing "business" and playing. And I mean serious playing. This doggie has the energy of a firework show on New Year's Eve. She will come bother you with toys and jump on you and bite you, if only you'll play with her. She's adorable in her own destructive way.

And I suppose that would be all for a first post. Now to get someone to read it :D

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