Who bit the golden dandelion? - A dog's tale

I decided to write a longer story (maybe even a novel) about the life of a dog, from the very beginnings, told by the dog herself. But don't be mistaken, this is not your average 1st POV dog journal. This is a literary work of fiction, merely inspired by real facts and characters.

Short synopsis

The story is set a few decades ago, at a farm in a small village, where life was a lot simpler. The dog is first taken away as a puppy and learns to accommodate in her new home with the humans. She will be taken under the guidance of the cat who lives there, but always hoping to return to her mother.


Every chapter has the banner at the beginning, which will lead you to this page (the table of contents) if you click on it.

There are also links to the previous and next chapters at the bottom of every chapter, so you can skip from chapter to chapter, in any direction you please.

Enjoy and I welcome all the feedback you might want to share with me and everyone here. Please comment on the chapters or send me an e-mail at daftline@gmail.com.

Who bit the golden dandelion? A dog's tale

Table of Contents

  1. When I opened my eyes.
  2. A taste of adventure
  3. For a little food  
  4. Beyond the horizon
  5. New encounters  
  6. Be a good dog
  7. Sam  
  8. A new family