9 September 2011

Chapter 8. A new family

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Over the next few days, I spent a lot of time outside exploring and playing with the Boy when he came home in the evenings. I also talked a lot with Ferdinand, who was kind enough to explain everything to me.

18 July 2011

Chatting with pooch

I woke up this morning and something wonderful had happened. I looked into Aschiuta's eyes and she looked in mine. I instantly knew what she was trying to tell me. I could understand pooch language and she could understand me.

For the first time, I knew when she was hungry or thirsty, wanted to play with the ball or was just feeling lazy. She also understood when I tried to tell her about my life and sing to her.

13 July 2011

Chapter 7. Sam

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When evening came, the Boy also came home. He looked a lot like the Man, but the fur on his head was dark. Ferdinand told me that people only had thick fur on their heads (and sometimes their faces) and had to cover themselves with clothes to keep warm. "Hopeless these humans... hopeless. Though they do provide food and shelter." the Cat commented.

5 July 2011

"Kisses and huggies?"

I really think I'm making progress. I really do. Aschiuta has changed almost completely.

Remember the story about the crazy pooch who, as soon as my fiance went out the door, would jump right at me, barking and biting? Now, she's calm, sometimes sleeps and waits patiently. She often comes and nudges me with her nose, so I'll pet her back.

No more showing me her teeth, no more tugging on my sleeves until they break. We aren't arguing anymore and she lets me pet her without trying to bite.

27 June 2011

Dear pooch

Dear pooch,

We've been together for one year now and you're just over a year older yourself. We've taught you many tricks, including sitting and not sticking your nose in our plates at lunch. You still pull on the leash, but I know you get tired quickly and after that you're a nice girl, walking by me.

You don't respect me much, but I can't really blame you. I do most of the work around here and I also wash your dirty paws for you. I really mind it when you bite when I try to work. I know you have a huge crush on my fiance, but really, we can share, can't we?

18 June 2011


Once upon a time, there was a little doggie who lived in a small room with a balcony at the 5th floor.
Being the very ambitious pooch that she was, she first jumped up on the low table. It was nice, comfy, and she had a(n extra) roof above her head.

It's not a very long way down...

14 May 2011

Happy birthday Aschiuta!

Today we lazed in bed for a while and when Scorp woke up, I told him "It's Aschiuta's designated birthday". So, he grabbed doggie and gave her a big hug and started singing "Happy birthday to pooch".

She's a big doggie now...

10 May 2011

Spreading awards left and right

Few people might know this, but today is my birthday. Also, Aschiuta's designated birthday will be on the 14th of May.
Here, on birthdays, we usually take our friends out for a beer or something similar, to celebrate. I'd offer you all a virtual glass of beer or wine or whatever you fancy, but, since this is blog land, I'll share something more appropriate with you. It's small and insignificant, but what the heck.

7 May 2011

Bad doggie!

The past week, doggie has become uncontrollable towards me. I know everyone will jump with an explanation, but I really have none.

Spoiled? PMS-ing? Jealous? I don't know...
Evil doggie sample.

4 May 2011

A visit from an unexpected friend

A couple of nights ago, Scorp called me to come downstairs with some dog food. We've had a few stray dogs taking shelter at the entrance of the building, so it's not the first time I've brought a share of kibble for another dog.

But then he added "It's our former neighbour, the old black dog." Some of you might remember that last year we had an old dog stay on the hallway of the first floor and we would bring it food almost every day. There is a post about him, Our new neighbour. He disappeared a few times, but he'd be back in a couple of days. But one day, he was gone and we didn't see him again...

25 April 2011

Hot potato is not a fun game...

"You can't stop me from eating this!"
Aschiuta isn't the kind to steal food from the plate while we're watching. She does try to get to anything that is on the kitchen table when I'm not looking, but there usually isn't anything there.

I don't know how many other dogs do this, but when we give some new food to Aschiuta, she will take it in her mouth for a quick taste, drop it on the floor to inspect it and then eat it. Of course, this doesn't happen with meat or bones she finds in the grass. Prudence also goes out the window when she is caught stealing.

23 April 2011

Hapy Easter! Peter's story

Aschiuta got into the photo to complete the Easter-y feeling.
With just a day until Easter, everyone is talking about eggs, bunnies, spring and wishing one another happy Easter.

We haven't caught the rabbit craze too much here as we got the chocolate one. One spring though, about ten years ago...

20 April 2011


She's lying at my feet, napping lightly, legs twitching in her sleep from time to time. I'm watching Star Trek again, letting her calm down and then maybe get back to work.

The front door opens, then swings shut with the usual dull bang. The sound instantly makes her lift her head off the blanket. Her ears fold back and her tail swings vigorously up and down. It's taking all her willpower to stop from lunging towards the door and scratching at it. I can see her almost smiling.

The door to our room doesn't open though. The light stays on in the kitchen and we can hear the door to the bathroom closing noisily. So it's not him yet.

15 April 2011

Romania's strays in danger and Romeo's Wish. Blog the Change for Animals

Today is one of the four days dedicated to Blog the Change for Animals, which is an incentive for people all over the world to talk about animal causes, hoping that more people can find out about them and lend a hand.


10 April 2011

"The dog ate my homework"

The oldest excuse in the book, right? "The dog ate my homework" is a classic excuse for a missing homework the next day at school. The interesting part is that it's entirely plausible.

The manual paper shredder

Aschiuta loves to shred paper. Tissues, toilet paper, random pieces of paper lying around are doomed to be torn to pieces by this little paper shredder. One day, when we came home from an evening out, we saw that she had also torn pages off a book in the bookcase. The book was about Mathematics, so I totally agree with her choice.
"This is my paper. Get your own!"

5 April 2011

Scorpio's artistic designs

It seems like both my fiancé and I have finished the same (tedious and boring, as all Romanian schools) University with a degree in Informatics, but we are back to doing what we know best. I'm happily writing on three blogs and Scorp has started polishing his graphic design skills.

Meet Scorpio

I have been mentioning him here and there, as Aschiuta's favourite person in the whole world and the owner of the green fuzzy cow slippers. Well, he's my fiancé and a really great guy (if I do say so myself).

4 April 2011

Spaghetti? Yes, please, with meatballs!

Sometimes, you have to learn the hard way, if there is no other way. Aschiuta did too and I hope she will stay far away from cables, shoelaces and spaghetti. Well, at least from cables.

The low-roof oasis

It all started this summer, when she was a lot smaller and still learning about life and its many dangers. She also learned that there were such things as internet cables. And she found them delicious.

30 March 2011

Chapter 6. Be a good dog

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The first day in the tall creatures' home was full of rustle and new events. I sniffed around and eventually found a nice spot to sleep, where the floor was a little softer. The Woman gave me some food. It smelled very good and I ate it quickly. I had never eaten anything so delicious and I kept following her for a while, hoping she would give me more.

24 March 2011


She comes and pushes the edge of the blanket with her nose. It's like she is saying "let me in, it's cold". I lift the blanket and she sneaks underneath, rolling into a warm doggie pretzel.

She presses tightly against my belly, so close that sometimes I feel I can't breathe properly. She then swallows a few times and sighs. Shifts a little until she feels that she is in the perfect position for napping. Another sigh.

20 March 2011

Bobita, our doggie neighbour

You might remember one of my first posts, On the streets. I talked about one of our friendliest stray dog neighbour, the dog from the other block. It's been a while and we've had time to get better acquainted with him.

Aschiuta and Bobita. The photo is a bit fuzzy.

17 March 2011

Beauty is in the teeth of the beholder

Aschiuta most likely thinks I have great taste. Why else would she chew on my phones, my darts and my hair scrunchie? It's her way of telling me that she too shares my good taste in technology and accessories. And also that they taste good.

Phony excuses for chewing

I can't bring myself to understand why, all of a sudden, she grabbed my phones (first my nice expensive phone, then its cheaper replacement) and chewed them? My phone has always sat nicely on the nightstand or laptop table, happily unnoticed and unchewed.

15 March 2011

Adopt the Internet Day. Open your eyes

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

Today, as most of the pet bloggers out there already know, is Petfinder's Adopt the Internet Day. For their 15th birthday, they are trying to get as many people to promote pet adoption on the Internet. On Facebook, Twitter, talking about an adoptable pet in particular or adopting in general.

Aschiuta's first boarding experience

We're back! And so is Aschiuta, of course. A couple of weeks ago I told you in the post Pooch away on holiday that we sent Aschiuta off to a boarding place for dogs. Thanks to everyone for your comments, we had fun, but so did pooch.
"What, home already? But I was having so much fun..."

11 March 2011

Pooch away on holiday

We sent Aschiuta off to a dog hotel today. It was just on the spur of the moment, since we didn't think we'd have the money to go to a big darts competition. However, a couple of good friends offered to help us out, so here we are, about to go away for a couple of days... without Aschiuta.

Aschiuta... home alone

We have never been away from home for an entire day since we got Aschiuta and even a few hours alone would make her sad, anxious and bored. And what does Aschiuta do when she's bored? She chews on things. Lately, her newest obsession has been the headboard, which is made of wood and her teeth almost wouldn't want to part with it. Unfortunately, she also chews on wires sometimes and after she got a small shock from the TV cable, we were hoping she'd learned her lesson about not biting thin long plastic things. Yesterday though, she chewed on other, more dangerous cables connecting Scorp's monster sound system. We don't want to take any chances.

9 March 2011

Our strays in danger

Often, too often, I feel sad about the cruelty and narrow-mindedness of my countrymen. Lately, they are planning to kill stray dogs in masses, because of the overpopulation. It has been done before and they are planning to do it again, only this time a lot of people have raised to protest against this atrocity.

A photo from one of the protests. From www.adoptiicaini.ro.

6 March 2011

Bath time for doggie

Drowning buggers

When we first got Aschiuta off the streets, she was full of fleas and ticks. We had to give her a bath, but the poor pup was crying because of all the skin problems she had. She was clawing at us, desperately trying to get away from the water basin. Good thing I had Scorp and our flatmate to help me out.

1 March 2011

Happy 1st of March!

Today is the 1st of March, the first day of spring (at least according to the calendar). In Romania, we celebrate this day as Martisor (a diminutive for March). Women and girls receive flowers and little trinkets adorned with a red and white lace (this is also called martisor).

Our little symbol of spring.

Taking care of the doggie economy-style

Scorp and I are getting by on one salary at the moment and Aschiuta is a third (albeit smaller) mouth to feed in our little room. We often have to cut down on costs as much as possible. And it's not hard to take care of a dog economically while also providing for all its needs.
Of course, some things can't be found at lower prices and good quality, such as some medicine or vaccines, but for the rest of the stuff, you don't have to spend a lot of money.

27 February 2011

My personal leg warmer... a bit squirmy though

Did you know that there are dogs that have been bred specifically to keep the owner warm? Introducing lap dogs and even sleeve dogs!

Now, Aschiuta is too big to be a sleeve dog, although the name would suit her if we thought of all the tugging going on. But could she be a lap dog?

26 February 2011

Snapping shots of the Sleeping Beauty

Today I saw a post at House of Carnivores, Argos in Repose, where you can find two nice pictures of the Greyhound Argos sleeping and a hint that there is a little sleeping doggie contest and giveaway at CowSpotDog.

I will admit, I have my camera on the table, waiting patiently for Aschiuta to fall asleep in one of her funny positions so I can snap a picture. Unfortunately for me, my camera flashes a red light while focusing the image, so the chances are my Sleeping Beauty would wake up and I'd miss the moment.

These are some of the few lucky shots that I got, showing a napping doggie. Enjoy!

21 February 2011

Hello, Mr. Dog, Ms. Dam. Table for two?

Communication is tough when you don't speak the same language as other people. But there are some non-verbal elements, which are generally understood anywhere. You can raise a hand to call the waiter, shrug your shoulders to say "I don't know" and point to something of interest with a finger (though pointing is said to be rude).

What is it pooch? Hungry? Thirsty? Why are you barking?

I find it quite hard to find a common non-verbal communication standard with my dog. This is partly because I haven't had a lot of pets in my life and also because she can get moody sometimes. Why is she tugging on my sleeve? Why is she whimpering? Is she feeling bad? Hungry? Wants to play? Misses Scorpio?

14 February 2011

Everyday is Valentine's day for Aschiuta

Happy Valentine's day! But wait, for Aschiuta, this is just a day like any other. Why is that, you ask?

365/366 Valentine's days in a year

Aschiuta will jump on us, cuddle with us, lick our faces and wag her tail (she actually wags her entire body) on any day of the week. Because, what else is Valentine's day for, if not to show some love to people and pets dear to us? For Aschiuta, every day is Valentine's day, especially when we get home after being out.

And she's not sweet and loving only to us, but to anyone who shows her some affection.

13 February 2011

A trail of rice crumbs and chicken bones

If you've read my post Time for dinner! What are we having? you know that there is a huge debate among dog owners about whether we should feed our dogs commercial food or home made dog food.
Hmm, not bad... Needs more parsley.

10 February 2011

Time for dinner! What are we having?

You must be overstuffed with the discussions and advice all over the Internet about what a dog should eat to be healthy. I'll just add my personal opinion and some useful information that I found.
Munch munch

5 February 2011

Such a cute dog! What breed is it?

I was reading blog updates today and found one about a blog hop I couldn't resist joining. It's the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour Blog Hop and people will post some info and pictures of their mixed-breed dog and others can guess what breeds they have in their DNA.

I've been preoccupied with finding our what breed Aschiuta is ever since she started growing and people began to ask "Such a cute dog! What breed is it?". I researched the Internet and found a very unlikely but interesting answer. I'll tell you at the end.

2 February 2011

I'm sorry, Fido doesn't like you, you gotta go

I've heard it a lot of times: "dogs are a good judge of character". I've also read and heard stories about how dogs can sense if you're a good person or not. Well, in the spirit of Penn and Teller, whom I've been watching lately, I'd like to suggest that all of this is just bullshit.

Let's start with the beginning... Why people say dogs are a good judge a character here in Romania has a lot to do with the fact that a dog's traditional "job" here is to guard the house. That means barking at strangers who might or might not want to break in and rob the house. This how they are trained and that is what they would do. There are dogs that bark as a warning, even if you're just passing in front of the fence.

30 January 2011

Chapter 5. New encounters

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Inside, I saw a lot of things of various shapes and sizes that I'd never seen before. And up on one of those things was an animal, almost as big as me. It had a small head and pointy ears and an unfriendly look on its face. When it saw me, it got up, arched its back until it was twice as big and started making a low growling noise.

This scared me so badly, I struggled to get down from the huge creature's arms to run away. But its grip was too strong and I couldn't go anywhere. My instinct was telling me I was in a lot of danger and I somehow hoped Mother would come and save me.

29 January 2011

Danger in the grass

Remember my old posts, The doggie hits the road and Of booboos and stings? I said I would tell you more about Aschiuta's first trip to Brasov, especially our little medical problem.

Wrong way

Since Brasov is in a valley surrounded by mountains, we took Aschiuta and walked along the old city walls, at the foot of a smaller mountain, covered in grassy slopes and shady trees.
Tag! You're it!

24 January 2011

Chapter 4. Beyond the horizon

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I can't really describe all I saw and felt while being carried by that creature. The world was so high, I sometimes got dizzy looking down.

We walked a while through the field I had lived in with Mother, covered in tall grass and with a bush and tree here and there. We left the river behind and got to a river of dirt and dust where there was no grass. The big monster carried me further on that dry river, walking in a funny way with those long legs, bouncing up and down with each step.

23 January 2011

Did you hear that whisper?

You know the "whisperers", people who claim they are in tune with a less understood type of creature and are able to understand their language. They had the Ghost Whisperer and the Dog Whisperer and somehow it has become quite a fad.

I've had someone say "oh, I'm a dog whisperer" and, a little later on, suggest using a shock collar on Aschiuta. What dog whispered that to them?

21 January 2011

Girl talk

First of all, a small warning: if you're squeamish about dog heat cycles or any cycles (except for bicycles maybe) at all, I suggest you skip reading this post. It is however important, if your pet is a female dog, to know about these things.

I'm still learning myself.

Heat? When? Now?

16 January 2011

Chapter 3. For a little food

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Mother left me alone again and she'd been away for longer this time. I was growing impatient and hungry. I now knew that Mother went to find food for us. She always fed me first and waited until I was full, then she quickly ate the rest.

15 January 2011

Adoptii Caini & Pisici. Blog the Change for Animals

Today is one of the four days when bloggers write posts supporting causes and organisations that aim to help animals. The project is called Blog the Change for Animals and was started by the Be the Change for Animals site. You will also find a list of links to everyone's posts there.

Blog the Change for Animals

13 January 2011

Walking, sniffing, tugging, jumping - all in one

I'll admit, I'm a lazy ass and don't take Aschiuta out as much as I should. But when I do, there's no stopping her.
Woo, what's that?
Living in a dirty neighbourhood and very close to the market doesn't make for very nice places to walk in. Plus, there are a lot of people and cars all around.

I'm not a very sociable person, but when you walk your dog, it's inevitable to meet other people and dogs. Here are a few approaches to meeting Aschiuta...

12 January 2011

Lovable, but not to everyone

You've most likely seen it happen. Someone visiting your home or meeting you on the street. They take one look at your furry pet and they sometimes feel uncomfortable and try to stay away from the animal. If they are tactless, they will even complain that "animals are filthy and smelly" "they leave too much hair around the house" and "don't you know what germs they could carry?"
Leaving germs on the bed, eeek!

10 January 2011

Pet Blogger Challenge - About the blog

Follow the link to the challenge page.

Of booboos and stings

Let's take a moment to go a few months back with our story. Don't worry, we're not going too far back.

Aschiuta was my first dog and even if Scorp had had a dog before, we still had a lot to learn about taking care of our new puppy. And one of the biggest problem was that she constantly seemed to have a few health issues.

Dog vaccination

You all know it's important to vaccinate your dog against common diseases they could catch from going outside and playing with other dogs. This is also why Aschiuta wasn't allowed to walk around freely outside before getting her shots done. And since I've already talked about our neignbourhood strays, you know we had to be careful.

So, because we couldn't vaccinate a dog with health issues, we had to figure out how to make her better.

8 January 2011

Chapter 2. A taste of adventure

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A few days passed and Mother taught me a lot of things. How to walk, how to play nicely and how to stay out of trouble. There were a lot of frightening things out in the world and she made me stay only in our little shelter and not stray away from it.

6 January 2011

"Is Aschiuta sleeping?"

Things one can do while Aschiuta is sleeping:
  • cuddling and napping with her
  • getting some work done
  • listening to music on headphones
  • watching an episode of the current favourite series
  • looking at doggie to check up on her
  • thinking "awww, she's so cute sleeping like that" and taking a picture

2 January 2011

Happy New Year!

It's already the 2nd of January and we're back home from a very lovely trip to Brasov. We really had fun, even if we still didn't manage to go skiing or anything fancy like that. It's just being in that city that makes us feel good. And the holidays, of course.

The train ride

We had packed everything the night before leaving and I was going to meet Scorp at the train station with Aschiuta. Everyone keeps asking "you're taking her with you?". Yes, we take her with us and she even has a special ticket too.

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