25 April 2011

Hot potato is not a fun game...

"You can't stop me from eating this!" 
Aschiuta isn't the kind to steal food from the plate while we're watching. She does try to get to anything that is on the kitchen table when I'm not looking, but there usually isn't anything there.

I don't know how many other dogs do this, but when we give some new food to Aschiuta, she will take it in her mouth for a quick taste, drop it on the floor to inspect it and then eat it. Of course, this doesn't happen with meat or bones she finds in the grass. Prudence also goes out the window when she is caught stealing.

She knows she's not supposed to eat certain things and that we'll take them out of her mouth if we catch her and is ready to gobble everything up before we can do anything about it. This is never a good idea. We usually present her with a more enticing treat to make her let go of her dangerous prey.

Easter with a bad twist

This Easter night though, there was no time for that and, before I could even reach her, she gobbled a hot piece of sausage right in front of my eyes. No berating could have helped things, so we decided to leave her alone without any special treats that night.

Unfortunately, pooch really got herself into big trouble this time and the sausage (almost unchewed) came out almost as fast as it had gone in. Poor doggie had really upset her stomach and she spent about two hours throwing up. She was mellow and salivating and looking at me with the saddest little eyes.

We were extremely alarmed. We tried calling our vet, but on Easter at 1am we didn't get any answer.

Little pooch gets better in the end

So, I just sat next to her to pet her back and take care of her. Little by little, she calmed down, stopped throwing up and salivating and eventually fell asleep. Relieved that she was better, we went to sleep too and she came to curl up at our feet.

I must have woken up a few times that night, checking on her, to see if she was still sick or if she was breathing normally. I woke her up once and she raised her head, looked at me and then got comfortable again and dozed off. Somehow, I realised she would be alright.

The next morning, she was back to her usual self, bouncy and happy and ready to play. I gave her some food and she ate hungrily and nothing bad happened afterwards. Little pooch was all better now, but she did give us a huge scare.

You can look, but there's nothing there to steal.

I hope everyone had a safe Easter and remember, you can never be too careful when pets are involved.


  1. Oh you poor thing, it's awful when we eat something we shouldn't isn't it? At least you got plenty of cuddles afterwards which must have made you get better quicker, Dex & Louis x

  2. Ohhhhhh, poor Aschiuta. I'm so glad she's better. It's pretty scary when they keep throwing up for several hours.

  3. I'm so pleased to hear Aschiuta is her old self again today. It's always worrying when they start vomitting and I can well imagine how alarmed you were. Hopefully, she'll have learnt her lesson for next time and will avoid pinching anything hot, no matter how tempting. As you say, one can never be too careful. I'm constantly having to reassess our situation here with these two lively pups. They manage to get into everything and I have to make sure I'm always one step ahead. It really is a fulltime job at this age!

    She is such a beautiful pooch, Lavi and her face reminds me a lot of our Heathcliff, although of course she's a lot more streamlined and taller than he is!

    My husband and son are covering our pool (for the winter) at this moment, so there's no risk of the puppies falling in when they rush about playing their wild games. We'll have to wait until next summer to teach them to swim. They will have great fun belly flopping on the cover which sinks into the water a bit...so, guess what! Those muddy puppies you were mentioning will be a reality sooner than I'd planned!

  4. So glad Aschiuta is feeling better!

  5. Oh doggie...you got to be careful when stealing (eating) people food. You never know how it will 'sit' in the belly. I am glad Aschiuta is better now...hopefully she won't try stealing a hot sausage again.
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  6. Thanks for the good thoughts everyone. She's good as new now.

    I know, it's awful when they're sick. I used to jump out of bed whenever I heard her started to get sick.

    Yes, puppies are a handful and Aschiuta has been no exception.

    Desiree, I look at Coco and think she looks a lot like my pooch. Oh, and swimming sounds like a fun idea, I wish we could try that too.

  7. Thank goodness she's okay now!

  8. I wonder what that was about! Was it too hot? Or spicy? Strange. Anyway, at least she's all well again. That picture is cute!

    Hope you and Scorp otherwise had a good Easter :) xox

    P.S. I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned this before but I see a lot of logos on your blog page. Some of the logos are hiding your words! Do you see this on your computer, Lavi?

  9. The problem with the sausage was that it had been taken out of the pan just seconds before. She must have got burnt.

    Logos? Where? The buttons, the ads? I tried to sniff out any issues with them so they display properly.

  10. The ads are on the right side. They block a bit of your words. The logos are the share buttons. The go right across the post, at least on my iPad screen. So I can't read about one paragraph. Hope that helps. It is a bit hard to read your posts but I always persevere because I enjoy them :)

  11. Thank Goodness she threw it up so quick, that is a really good sign. I know how scary that can be. Two of my dogs once at a poisonous plant once, thank goodness they threw it up right away. They were sick for half of the night, but they survived. It is always worse if it gets ingested.

    So glad Aschiuta is feeling better and back to her old self.

  12. Hi Lavi!

    I am so glad to know that she got better - I wonder what happened? Obviously the sausage was too hot and maybe burned on the way down? She is such a beautiful girl, so I am so glad she is happy once more.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter and that you ate loads of chocolate! Thank you for the lovely wishes on my blog xxx

  13. Poor Aschiuta! I hope she learns to inspect more carefully :) but I am super glad it only lasted part of a night! I can imagine how worried you were, definitely not a fun night!

  14. Okay, I've tested it. The logos are still there but I can now hide them. All good! :)

  15. Thanks again for all the concern. I was also a bit relieved when she just threw it up immediately.

    Thanks for testing, Georgia! I'm glad it's useful. I might do the same for the other ones, when I figure out where to put the hide/show link.

  16. So glad to hear she's feeling better. It's sounds like a good thing she was able to throw it up right away to get it out of her system. It's always so hard when they're not feeling well - I know I would have been the same as you checking on her throughout the night.

  17. Poor pooch...we are very happy to hear that you're back to your normal self so fast. Must be your Mommi's comforting touch!


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