10 May 2011

Spreading awards left and right

Few people might know this, but today is my birthday. Also, Aschiuta's designated birthday will be on the 14th of May.
Here, on birthdays, we usually take our friends out for a beer or something similar, to celebrate. I'd offer you all a virtual glass of beer or wine or whatever you fancy, but, since this is blog land, I'll share something more appropriate with you. It's small and insignificant, but what the heck.

A little while ago, I got the Kickass Commentor Award from Conquering the World. I want to say thank you to Pencil Girl for offering it to me. It is now time to spread it around the world.

I want everyone of my friends, followers, bystanders to feel free and take it with no obligation. This is how it was given to me and this is how I pass it on. Thank you to everyone who has visited my blogs or left me comments, even if just once. I have received a lot of nice words, encouragement and advice from you all and I really appreciate it.

Also, from the same person, I received another award, the Cherry on Top one. Thanks again, Pencil Girl.

You must know I'm quite fond of cherries and they used to be a recurring motif in my childhood. But, before I digress to much...

I have often found blogs that have inspired me and to which I was able to relate. Some made me smile, others made me think. That little cherry on top made me go back again and again to read more. I want to thank the people who write in those blogs for what they do.

Here are the blogs, in alphabetical order (because that is nice and fair, in my opinion):

  • 24 PAWS OF LOVE. This blog has a lot of heartfelt posts about the strong bond between people and dogs. This is a lesson in common sense and not giving up.
  • Catbird Scout. Deb has a certain sensitivity and a way of telling a story that mesmerises the reader and leaves them thinking afterwards.
  • Driftwood Ramblings. Desiree has become my biggest blog fan. Her mentality and encouraging comments are an inspiration to me and always a delight to read.
  • FACING 50 WITH HUMOUR. Carol has a sense of humour that leaves me chuckling for a while. She is also a good storyteller and always comes up with a good tale.
  • littledogsonlongleashes. Georgia is a very opinionated dog and also makes me smile whenever I drop by her blog. I hope the family can get over having to put Rufus, Georgia's friend, to sleep...
  • Southhamsdarling. Thisisme is always a very nice friend and, even though I think she already has this award, I'll still offer it to her too.
  • The Squashed Tomato. Linda is a very nice person, apart from being a gourmet who can talk about foods and wines until you're absolutely hungry. She also lost her pup Romeo, but trying to make a difference for other shelter dogs.
  • There can be only Juan. Juanita has a very sparkling personality. She also has a collection of very interesting hypoallergenic recipes.
  • this n that. Susan has a lot of energy and imagination and her photography is really good. Her coffee art is pretty interesting too.
I'm sorry if my list is a tad short. I'm also sorry I don't have the time to visit everyone more regularly, but I am very busy these days.

Thank you again everyone!


  1. How could you be having a birthday and not have let us know before the time, Lavi? I am very late with checking in this evening as we have been totally occupied with our brick paving job. I really wish I'd known it was your special day! Thank you so much for your very kind words and for the award! I am going to be sending you a Jacquie Lawson birthday ecard in a short while. I hope you 've had a lovely day and that all your friends and loved ones have spoilt you! This brings you much love and a great big hug! xoxo

  2. Happy birthday Lavi!!!

    I hope you had a wonderful day and that your year ahead will be filled with nothing but love, laughter, happiness and success. I hope you were thoroughly spoilt and that you had loads of birthday cake!

    Sending you the happiest wishes and the biggest hug xxx

  3. Happy Birthday and Congratulations! Thank you so much for the mention, we love your blog too and it is very deserving of these awards.

  4. To be honest, I didn't want anyone to bother with my birthday, so I didn't announce it. I was going to leave the awards for Aschiuta's birthday. But my day was a bit small and unfestive.

    Thank you for the wishes and for the card! They made me happy. Tomorrow, I will drop by everyone's blog and thank you...

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lavi! It's already the 11th here, so i'm not sure if i should say "have a lovely day." or "i hope you had a lovely day."

    Here's something a little odd - my brother's birthday is on the 10th too and my husband's on the 14th [asch's bday!] should we go out and buy a lotto ticket you think?

    CONGRATULATIONS on your awards and THANK YOU for The Cherry. i love the name of it! apart from 24 paws, all the other blogs are new to me. i see some are food ones. i will check them out by and by, always interesting to find new reading [only hard to find the time to actually read them].

    BIG HUG xox

  6. Happy birthday and congrats on the awards!

  7. Hi Lavi. It's the 11th here now, so I'm a bit late with my birthday wishes I'm afraid. Nevertheless I hope you have a very happy and fulfilling year in front of you. Thank you so much for my Cherry on the Top Award. I really do appreciate that you have thought of me!

  8. Happy Birthday Dear Lavi! Many, many happy returns of your special day.

    Thank you, also, for the kind mention of my blog. I so enjoy your writing...your introspection, colourful writing style and love of Star Trek is magnetic :-)

  9. Hello Lavi, I hope you ended up having a very happy birthday. It's definitely the time for doing something special for yourself too.
    Thank you very kindly for including my blog in your award - just reading through the list, there are a few new ones I shall visit soon.
    All the very best, Susan :D)

  10. Thanks again! I actually had 4 days of "celebration", one with mom, two with friends and all with my fiance.

    Georgia, we should play the lottery. Happy birthday to your brother and husband too!

  11. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and a fantastic year ahead of you, Lavi! And very happy birthday to Aschiuta! How cool that your birthdays are close together - you can celebrate birthday week! Have fun!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  12. I hope your birthday was wonderful, Lavi! Thank you for including me in this list of amazing bloggers - many of whom are among my favorites. I'm off to check out new friends.

  13. Belated Happy Birthday to you! I was sick for a while, followed by my husband being sick for a while, so I'm just now getting caught up. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  14. Thank you thank you! And a happy birthday to Aschiuta too!


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