17 March 2011

Beauty is in the teeth of the beholder

Aschiuta most likely thinks I have great taste. Why else would she chew on my phones, my darts and my hair scrunchie? It's her way of telling me that she too shares my good taste in technology and accessories. And also that they taste good.

Phony excuses for chewing

I can't bring myself to understand why, all of a sudden, she grabbed my phones (first my nice expensive phone, then its cheaper replacement) and chewed them? My phone has always sat nicely on the nightstand or laptop table, happily unnoticed and unchewed.
"I can see the charger. Where did you hide that phone?"
Now, it seems she just can't part with it. I'm at the third phone now and I'm sure that if I left it within reach, she would devour it in the blink of an eye. That's why I keep it high out of her reach.

Duck à l'orange?

And my darts? They often stay on the laptop table, but today I went to feed the neighbour dog and when I was back, one of the shafts was chewed at the end and one of my new flights destroyed. I'd just changed the flights today, proud that the new ones worked a lot better (and were more stylish, with a duck on them). I even played a few games. Scorp did too and his darts were just a few centimeters away from mine on the table. What drove her to pick mine? Does she perhaps like duck?

All I can do now is keep a constant eye on her and keep any plastic item (with or without ducks) away from the little chewer. Especially if it's something of mine. I do have good taste, after all.


  1. i see what you mean Lavi! we have dogs that like to eat! it's lucky aschiuta didn't chew on the pointy end of the dart though. i think some dogs actually swallow non-biodegradable stuff like socks, rubber, etc. i hope aschiuta won;t be one of them.

    HUG xox

  2. BOL! Been there many times. Something sitting on a table or even on the floor that doesn't get touched for months and suddenly because the best chew toy ever. I guess a girl's got to have some variety!! :)

  3. Heehee! Love that she eats your darts!
    Hubby's dog chewed his passport. Every time Hubby went through customs after that with it all mangled the customs officer would say 'Got a dog sir?'
    I just read your commment on 'Spring Cleaning' re my story about my father which I had removed...I'll send it to you if you want to read it still. Email me @ cewyer@hotmail.co.uk

  4. We so lucked out that Gus isn't a chewer...I can't believe you're on your 3rd phone. They must be really tasty. :)


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