3 November 2010

Lost and found?

Is there a doggie in the house?

So, once upon a time last summer, Scorp and I went out to town for a couple of beers. The "pub" was an improvisation with lots of plastic tables and chairs, a few TV screens and a grill bar. One of the big soccer championships was on at the time. After the match was over, most of the people went home or off to some more drinking, but we stayed a little longer for some snacks and a few games of cards.

Out of nowhere, we get a furry little visitor, dirty brown fur and sparkly eyes. It had been drawn by the smell of food and people gave it a few scraps from their plates.

"Would you like to have a little dog?" I was both happy and reluctant when I heard the question. A dog isn't a toy, it's pretty high maintenance and we weren't too rich at the time (needless to say we aren't too well-off now either). My parents used to be quite against having a pet in an apartment.
But the cute beggar eyes won and we headed home with the puppy in a jacket. The cab ride was quite an adventure too - the poor pup was car sick and made a big mess, but the driver was very understanding. Not a lot of those these days...

Back home, we made a little bed for our new guest with a small carton box and some old clothes, but it kept waking up and moving about, still feeling sick. The next morning was a huge headache and I was left alone to deal with the toddler. It was full of fleas and ticks and not quite used to the new place.

After a couple of baths and visits to the vet, we finally had a parasite-free dog. We even got a health certificate for our new puppy girl. But the problems hadn't been over yet...

I will tell you more about it later on.

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  1. One thing you forgot to mention: the big mess she did was all over my clothes... But I still say she was worth the trouble.


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